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Homemade facial toner for normal skin
Normal to combination skin toner
DIY facial toner for normal/combination skin
Homemade facial toner for normal skin
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The 5 skin types and how to know which one you have.

If you have normal to combination skin and don’t know how to care for it or what products to use, this article is for you. Recently, I received an email from a subscriber, asking for information about care for normal to combination skin.

To be more specific, what she wanted, apart from information, was some homemade recipe to make a facial toner for this skin type . Immediately, the idea came to me to write an article on this topic, since reviewing I realized that I had nothing about it on the blog.

First of all and before get into the topic, I want you to know that there are 5 skin types. Oily, dry, sensitive, normal and combination skin. Each skin type differs from each other.

For example, oily skin characterize by being very shiny, with highly visible pores and prone to acne or pimples. Dry skin is just the opposite. It is rough, flaky and the expression lines are more visible. On the other hand, sensitive skin tends to redden and suffer from inflammation and irritation. But what about normal and combination skin? I will talk about this next.

Normal vs. Combination skin

People with normal skin generally have a near-perfect complexion and are not sensitive. Likewise, they can have almost invisible pores and radiant skin. In contrast, combination skin is usually oily in the T zone and dry in the cheekbone area.

Combination skin is the most difficult to treat, precisely because it has various characteristics. Similarly, people with this skin type may have larger than normal pores. On the blog, I have an article that talks in more detail about the different types of skin and how to find out which one is yours. I invite you to read it at: How to know your skin type (Coming soon).

Products to care for normal to combination skin.

Beside from the homemade facial toner for normal skin that I am sharing today, there are various products that you can use to care for these skin types in the stores. The facial routine is always the same regardless of the type of skin you have. More or less, it resumes to cleanser, toner, facial serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

However, what changes are the ingredients and their formula. Simply, when you go to buy skin care products for this skin type, make sure that the label says that they are for normal or combination skin.

Two of the products that I recommend are: Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner – for normal to dry skin or Mario Badescu Cucumber Lotion – for normal to oily skin.

Homemade facial toner for normal skin

If you are looking for a recipe to make a homemade facial toner for normal skin, then I can recommend a very effective one. This recipe is very easy to prepare because it only has 4 ingredients.

These ingredients are chamomile tea, apple cider vinegar, honey, and distilled or filtered water. The chamomile, apart from refreshing, also keeps the skin free of irritations. This toner will help you to clean the pores without leaving traces of impurities. In addition, it will help balance the pH of the skin, while nourishing it. So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to make facial toner for normal skin

How to use the homemade facial toner for normal skin

Like any other facial toner, this one is applied after cleansing the face with a facial cleanser and before applying the moisturizer. If you put it in a spray bottle, you just spray it all over your face and let it dry on its own.

If, on the contrary, you kept it in a normal glass knob with a lid, then use a cotton ball and apply it giving circular massages all over your face. Likewise, you let it dry well on its own. This toner for normal to combination skin can be used twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bed.


As you can see, making your own facial toner for normal to combination skin is not complicated at all. Even, some of the ingredients are surely at home. Therefore, you will not have to make a large investment. In case you do not have them, they are not expensive either and you can get them in any supermarket.

I hope you liked this article and that it helps you to take care of your skin. If you want to know more about the different skin types and their care, you can visit: What is my skin type? 5 different types of skin by BioClarity.

That’s all for now, but before you leave, I would like to ask you a question. What type of skin you have? Are you normal to combination skin? What products do you use to take care of your skin? Leave us your comment below.

DISCLAIMER: This article has not been sponsored or compensated. All the opinions are mine. However, the links to the products are affiliated.

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